Vomito Negro Discography

Vomito Negro - Entitled (lp/cd 2021)


01. Blood Fever
02. Black Point
03. In Strict Tempo
04. Something Must Break
05. Weak
06. Ongoing Patterns
07. Murk
08. Assertion

© Dark Dimensions Records 2021

Vomito Negro - Black Plague (cd 2017)


01. Constantine's Death
02. Inside Your Brain
03. Black Plaque
04. Sister Voodoo
05. Pagan Epitaphs
06. Thorn
07. Bone Cutter
08. Hungry Cannibals
09. Unleash My Demons

© Scanner Records 2017

Vomito Negro - Death Sun (cd 2014)


01. Time
02. Stain
03. Fighting The Force
04. Obsession
05. In Silent Places
06. White Lights
07. King Of Thieves
08. Nairaland
09. Angel Fire

© Scanner Records 2014 (Europe)/ Metropolis 2014 (The United States, South-America, Australia and Japan)

As Vomito Negro's Gin Devo proved with the last release, Fall Of An Empire, the long-running dark electro outfit is able to out-menace the newcomers to the harsh electro-industrial scene. The new release, Death Sun, is a stark, vitriolic piece of work, full of the innovative, crushing old-school dark EBM that Vomito Negro helped invent.

Vomito Negro - Fall Of An Empire (cd 2013)


01. Enemy of the State
02. Tape X
03. Factory Child
04. Power on Demand
05. Machines of Hate
06. Into Your Eyes
07. Emerging Souls
08. Hollow Heads
09. Fall of an Empire

Packaged in a digipack. © EKP Records 2013 (Europe)
Packaged in a jewel case. © Metropolis 2013 (The United States, South-America, Australia and Japan)

VOMITO NEGRO is back with a new full album. My expectations were pretty high, but I must say that these were fulfilled without any bother. Opener Enemy Of The State, a track they already played in their livesets, sets the tone immediately. Gin Devo's angry whispering and screaming vocals combined with the typical VOMITO electronics. Power On Demand has a Nitzer Ebb feel, pounding EBM with Devo shouting slogans, a dancefloorfiller for sure.
Tape X, Factory Child, Emerging Souls, Hollow Heads, all little pearls which again prove that they are one of the finest dark electro bands Belgium has to offer these days. But they saved the best for last, the closing (title)track Fall Of An Empire is an instrumental masterpiece backed by a repetitive crawling loop. A 10-minute beauty that doesn't bore for a second and the perfect ending for this great album.
(© review Peek-A-Boo-Magazine).

"Fall Of An Empire" is a very interesting work showing us this legendary Belgian band at its best. The songs are filled with poignant dark atmospheres, giving you the impression to visit a haunted house. Gin Devo's spooky timbre of voice only reinforces this gloomy atmosphere. But "Fall Of An Empire" remains first of all addicted to dark-electronics. Gin Devo shows all his talent in composing dark "Klinik=-al" sequences, minimal loops and pure EBM elements. The new work sometimes sound as the offspring between the EBM-minimalism of "Errata" (the latest album of Gin Devo), the cold sequences of The Klinik and the typical obscurity of Vomito Negro. This melting pot finally results in a fascinating work featuring a real solid opening part. Vomito Negro remains a unique experience. The vintage dark-electronics are miles away from the current 'oontz' fashion trend. Vomito Negro sounds like electronics without compromises and I think that this new work is again showing the good-old Vomito Negro! An album with attitude!
(© review Side Line)

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Vomito Negro - Slave Nation (ep cd 2011)


01. Time Traveler
02. Evil Eyes
03. We Did It Again
04. Slave Nation
05. TV-Man
06. Sabotage (EBM Mix)

Packaged in a super jewel box.
© Out of Line 2011

"Unlike many of today's most popular EBM / dark electro acts, Vomito Negro trusts in brooding sounds suggestive of impending doom instead of blunt rage, and does so quite effectively, despite the lack of catchy ear-candy pieces or dance floor hits that would stand clearly above the rest."
(© Reflections Of Darkness)

"In times where pseudo-evil youngsters are exposing themselves to ridicule with serial-killer-fantasies and wannabe hard poses, Vomito Negro belong to the rare breed of veteran musicians that actually still have something to say, which they express in sonic bombs that will easily blow any output from the so-called "Harsh Electro"-scene out of the window, in terms of intensity and sheer power. "Slave Nation" is, thus, not only one of the most impacting experiences in electronic music, these days, but also one of the most important releases in that sector, as well. They don't usually make music like this anymore!"
(© review Out Of Line)

Vomito Negro - Skull & Bones (2cd 2010)


01. Chateau Des Amerois
02. Dance With Death
03. Blood, Sweat & Tears
04. Dark Moon
05. On Demand
06. Burning Man
07. Black Tie White Shirt
08. Mongoloid
09. American Dream
10. United Fake
11. Bohemian Grove

The 2K10 Remakes

01. Feel The Heat
02. Jhaza
03. Stay Alive
04. Baby Needs Crack
05. Shock
06. The Needle
07. Black Power
08. No Hope No Fear
09. Move Your Body
10. Save The World

Packaged in a 2cd jewel case with cardboard sleeve.The tracks on cd2 were selected out of the extensive & long sold-out back catalogue.
© Out of Line 2010

"Vomito Negro are not pale kids with fancy hairdos sitting at laptops in their sleeping room to produce some distorted Techno beats to release the result as the dernier cri of the "Industrial" scene. The band itself states that Vomito Negro is "the result of intensive analogue synth manipulation & step sequencing" and "not a mainstream preset, 'instant out of the box" electro band". Vomito Negro has every right to be so self-confident about their art, and in the end there's no denying that this statement is nothing but true. ÔBlood, Sweat & Tears' - track number three - seems to define somehow what Vomito Negro is all about. See blood, sweat and tears as a symbol for the passion with which Gin Devo spurs his musical brainchild. Blood, sweat and tears may also emblematise the bleakness of the lyrical subjects of Vomito Negro.
And musically, "Blood, Sweat & Tears" is a song that outlines Vomito Negro's sonic trademarks. Raw but straight beats, pulsating analogue sequencers, Gin Devo's distinctive rough voice, melancholic keyboard layers and melodies, dark atmospheres, and a pretty rough approach. Vomito Negro deliberately decides against polishing sounds - it has to hurt!"
(© review Reflections Of Darkness)

Vomito Negro - Fireball (cd 2002)

1. The City Guard
2. Nuclear Garbige (Electro Rock)
3. The Alternative Digital Orchestra Ensemble
4. Timebomb
5. Domingo
6. Gaia (Original Mix)
7. Gaia (Whaleshark)
8. Gaia (Analog Mix)
9. Fireball
10. Close Surender
11. Gaia (Hy Seq)

© Triton 2002

Vomito Negro - Compiled (cd 1992)

1. Stay Alive
2. Monday
3. The New Force
4. Children Of Today
5. No Hope No Fear
6. From Above
7. Baby Needs Crack
8. Save The World
9. Back To Earth
10. Raise Your Power
11. In Strict Tempo (Part 2)
12. Meeting Eyes
13. Human
14. Move Your Body
15. Damage Is Done

Compilation cd.
Track 1 was originally released on Stay Alive 12" and Dare CD, track 2 was originally released on Musical Art Conjunct Of Sound and Dare CD, track 3 and 4 were originally released on Dare 12" and Dare CD, track 5 to 7 were originally released on Shock, track 8 and 9 were originally released on Save The World, track 10 to 13 were originally released on Human, track 14 was originally released on Save The World 12", track 15 was originally released on 1992 KK Compilation.

© KK Records 1992

Vomito Negro - Wake Up (cd 1992)

1. Lethal Weapon
2. Wake Up Smell The 90's
3. Unclose Your Fear
4. Touch The Sky
5. Saturday Night
6. The Innercity
7. Hate
8. Sex, Violence, Drugs

© Antler Subway 1992

Vomito Negro - The New Drug (lp/cd 1991)

1. Immortal
2. The System
3. XTC
4. The Gun Store
5. Nova Beat
6. To Auto Logos
7. Umbriferous
8. Recover
9. The New Drug
10. Daddy
11. Blind Eyes
12. Mortal

© Antler Subway 1991

Vomito Negro - Human (lp/cd 1990)

1. Raise Your Power
2. Give Him Coke
3. In Strict Tempo (Part 2)
4. Black Power
5. The Citydump
6. In Strict Tempo (Part 3)
7. Meeting Eyes
8. The Future
9. Escape
10. Human
11. The Needle
12. Feel The Heat

© KK Records 1990

Vomito Negro - Save The World (12"/cds 1990)

1. Save The World
2. Back To Earth
3. Another Forest

© KK Records 1990

Vomito Negro - Shock (lp/cd 1989)

1. No Hope No Fear
2. Shock
3. Chicago Cave
4. From Above
5. Baby Needs Crack
6. Erection
7. The Tale
8. Humiliation

© KK Records 1989

Vomito Negro & Liquid G. -
M.A.C.S. (tape/cdr 1989)

1. Insubordinate
2. A Poem Of Us
3. Return Of The Cicade (M.A.C.S. Version)
4. Intensive Care
5. Shitstirrer
6. Out Of Countenance
7. Why
8. Monday (M.A.C.S. Version)
9. The Limit

M.A.C.S. (Musical Art Conjucts Of Sound) is a collaboration with Liquid G.
Originally released on tape, and in 2000 re-released on cd-r.
© Liquid Produkts 1989

Vomito Negro - Dare & more (cd 1988)

Tracks 1 to 4 taken from Vomito Negro 12. tracks 5 to 8 taken from Stay Alive 12", tracks 9 to 13 taken from Dare Mini LP.

1. Yellow Fever
2. Radio Silence
3. Ease The Pain
4. Jhaza
5. Where's Palmer
6. Land Of Confusion
7. Stay Alive
8. Burn My Heart
9. Monday
10. Dare
11. The New Force
12. Fire Burns
13. Children Of Today

Compilation cd.
© KK Records 1988

Vomito Negro - Dare (lp 1988)

1. Monday
A2. Dare
B1. The New Force
B2. Fire Burns
B3. Children Of Today

The debutrecord is released on vinyl only.
All tracks recorded by Gin Devo and Guy Van Mieghem.
Drum Programming [Drum Sounds] by Split Second
© KK Records 1988

Vomito Negro - Stay Alive (12" 1987)

A1. Stay Alive
A2. Burn My Heart
B1. Where's Palmer? (He's Dead)
B2. Land Of Confusion

Vinyl 12".
© KK Records 1987

Vomito Negro - Vomito Negro Boxset (12"+4 tapes 1987)

A1. Yellow Fever A2. Radio Silence A3. Ease The Pain A4. Jhaza
C1. Fire C2. High Society C3. Talking Town C4. Tram 7
D1. Suicide Babe D2. Something Different C5. My Doll Is Dying C6. Subway Walk C7. Yellow Fever C8. Total Destruction
E1. Justice E2. Seq E3. Your Captain's Speaking E4. Conversation
F1. Lost In Time F2. All You Need F3. Mister President
G1. Heartbeat G2. In Reverse G3. Escape G4. On/Off
H1. Weard Part II H2. Decay H3. The Faktory H4. Kill Your Mind
I1. Get Stuffed I2. Behind Clouds I3. Voices I4. Big Run J1. Staying Alife J2. Burn My Heart J3. Where Is Palmer? J4. Land Of Confusion J5. Attack

Limited Edition Box set containing 1 12" Single Sided + 4 x Cassette, C60
© KK Records 1987

Vomito Negro - Vomito Negro (12" 1985)

TRACKS:A1. Yellow Fever
A2. Radio Silence
A3. Ease The Pain
A4. Jhaza

Single sied 12".
© Etiquette Records 1985

Gin Devo releases

Gin Devo - The Garden Of Evil (cd/lp 2022)

"The Garden of Evil" contains eight dark pulsating tracks with cinematic flair, carried by Gin Devo’s gloomy vocals and female voice samples. It is a new album, but it was written and composed in the style of early 90s electronic music. Only vintage digital hardware, analogue synthesizers and rhythm/string machines, such as PG Wave, Roland JD800, Wave-station, Mattel Synsonics Drums, Yamaha RY30, etc. were used.

1. Dark Frequencies
2. Trade
3. Binary Plague
4. Momentum
5. Bitter Tears
6. Amend
7. Only For Moments
8. Son Of Sam

© Dark Dimensions 2022

Gin Devo - Electrotheque (cd 2017)

In lead with the masters of electronics from the 80's, Gin Devo (Vomito Negro Mastermind) strikes you with his new album "Electrotheque". Recorded on his massive collection of old school synthesizers, Gin takes you on a journey full analogue basses, pumping drum machines, vintage string machines and sequential hardware madness."Electrotheque" stands for "purists" and with this album Gin Devo proves to be one of the last artists whom is capable of generating this kind of hardware electronic music without compromises. So put on "Electrotheque", and enjoy the beat.

1. Between Windows
2. In This Heat
3. Through This Lens
4. Push The Stars
5. Tilted Glass
6. Adhesive
7. City Of Light
8. Electrotheque
9. Echo Path

© Scanner 2017

Gin Devo - Errata (cd 2012)

Veteran electro soldier Gin Devo is back, still standing strong and displaying his brutal force and relentless focus on "Errata", aiming at the hearts of EBM fans all over Europe! Differentiated repetition and a hint of industrial monotony are fiercely fighting for your attention and appreciation. The atmosphere is grim, the beats are frozen and "Salted Flesh" is torn. Gin is generously offering another round of "uber"-electro, this time solo. "Errata" is messing up your mind AND feet, leaving you exhausted! "Goodbye" mr President! Gin Devo is leading, by example.
(© review Peek-A-Boo Magazine)

1. War Of The Machines
2. Out Of Control
3. Salted Flesh
4. Good Night Mr President
5. Deep State
6. Twisted Heads
7. Scope Of Desire
8. Mind Control
9. Errata

Packaged in a digipack.
© EK Produkt 2012

Gin Devo - Surface (cd 2012)

1. Lens
2. Gris Gris
3. Dunes
4. Corrosion
5. Strange Desire
6. Sudden Fever
7. Sunset
8. Jackal
9. Lunar

Packaged in a limited edition digipack of 500 copies. Each CD is identified by a progressive number
© EK Produkt 2012

The tracks on the album served as endless loops at the 1988 & 1989 Antwerp art and performance exhibitions "Fabrik 88" & "Metro 89". Several artist used the Surface tracks to support there visual works at the old ice factory's abandoned rooms, or in the concrete tunnels of Antwerp's never used metro network. The music project intends to describe the feelings, status and frame of mind. Oppression, effort, boredom and dark mood are translated in a different art form through the instruments.

Emotions... surrounded by ice, concrete, steel... gently flowing liquids. Emotion in motion. Instrumental almost-inertia, slow and impressive. A futuristic, sunken, dense, metropolitan environment emerges, cold and desolate. A continuous flow of feelings embraces you... emptiness, loneliness, depth, completeness, stillness, tranquility... The soundscapes on "Surface" are contemporary timeless and are offering a monumental platform for thought and introspection, showing you what lies hidden beneath your own, private "Surface"
(© Peek-A-Boo magazine)

Other projects

Pressure Control - Vamp (cd 2004)

1. Biogod
2. Vamp
3. Drive And Be Driven
4. C.O.D.
5. Emerging Emerald
6. Whip
7. Trigger Finger
8. 666
9. Semantics

Packaged in a jewel case.
Pressure Control is Gin Devo (autor, composer, vocals, synths), Jercho (arrangements, synths), Manie Gance (composer, arrangments, synths) and Dar Breizh (soundmix live, lightmix, grahics).
© Alfa matrix 2004